Thursday, June 7, 2012

Kim kardashian fashion

Oh lawd I wish would make a cheaper version of this Prada dress Kimmy has on. It's giving me all kind of life.......

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Follow me Follow me Follow me

Don't forget to follow me guys, either with bloglovin or on the right side of the page you can follow me. I would love to do a giveaway, but i'd like to have at least 20 members first. To those already following me, thanks so much for the support. Its very much appreciated...

Betta late than never

Hey guys, again. I wanted to share with you my New years eve looks. I know im late and all but better late than never right. I swear im so gonna take my blog seriously this year. I have some things working against me which is why i don't post as often as I could. Didnt have a camera man for a while and i got a tripod...yay me. My internet is super slow which makes me un-motivated to upload these pics, so i'll be switching to Att u verse very soon. Anywho, these are my outfits from new years eve weekend, starting on friday to sunday...Singing "Your girl likes to party all the time, party all the time". Tell me what you think...

The pics are all scrabled together...but if you want to know what i wore:
Outfit 1...
Leopard Dress-Inc via Macys
Shoes- You cant see but they r the nude pumps seen at the bottom

Outfit 2-
Colorful Dress-Rue 107 "Fifi" you can get it here
Shoes- WP Lola via Bakers

Outfit 3-
Teal Dress- Asos
Shoes-Bebe "Khloe"

So what do u guys think, did i Rock New years eve weekend or not????

OOTN-Leopard and Stripes

Happy New year everyone. How are you all's new year coming along? What are some of ya'lls resolutions. I have 3. The first, to of course get healthier, i started a diet even before new years and so far, im down 9 lbs in 1 week. Its been mostly reducing my intake and calorie counting and switching out high calorie foods or snacks for lower calorie items. Has worked pretty good so i think im well on my way. The second is to travel more. would love to visit China, England and India this year as well as some cities in the states. And the third is to find a nice young man and settle in a relationship. Not sure im ready for marriage but def ready for commitment. Anywho, a friend of mine called me and said he was bored and wanted to grab drinks last night and i thought, perfect, i can do an OOTN so this is what i wore. Let me know your comments. And please don't forget to follow the blog. Thanks guys...

New Year, New hair do

So Lady Gaga-ish, and i love em

 What I wore
Shirt---Old navy
Shoes---WP Dana via Bakers
Belt---Arden B