Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Shoe Haul

Hey guys, this weekend was good, glad it's over cuz it means we're closer to the holidays. Yaaaayyyyy... So big big sale at my fav shoe store Bakers. Got 3 pairs of shoes,plus my cognac boots seen in this post. I am such a shoe whore. Can't wait to do a post with my new babies,but I've got pics...wanna see em here it goes.

They looked like Giuseppe Zannottis, and they are Monsters for real. "Gots to be mo careful" with these on

I know i know, i bought the same shoe in 2 diff colors, dats how much i was feeling these bad boys

Some Super Duper extra large earrings to go. and only $9.99 with 50% off

Do i have a favorite pair, i don't think so yet, i love em all just the same. What do u think of my new additions???

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Sneak Preview

So i'm so excited about what i just got in the mail. Its my Criss cross cut out teal dress AKA the Emily B dress. So the dress looks so awesome in person and i thought it wouldn't fit since its a size 10 and its European. But to my surprise it fit awesome. Now im gonna show 1 little pic i took this morning while trying it on and although i think it looks good already, i think if i lost 10 lbs, i will rock this dress out. So tell me what you think.

Currently looking for the healthiest fastest way to drop a quick 10lbs,can u help a sista out??? Gimme ur tips.....

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Ring

Hi guys,today I have a different post not about fashion. My post today is about Engagements. I always envisioned that I would meet this really great guy,date at least for 6 months to a yr or 2 and on one magical evening,he would call up my family and friends and propose to me down on 1 knee with the most exquisite engagement ring from Jared's or Warner's bros engagement store. And we will have a big traditional 3 day wedding (we Africans go hard at weddings). But it's looking as though that is not the way my life is going. Far from that direction even. So I ask you, what are your thoughts on the type of engagement you want or have had. Was it all you imagined or how do u imagine it to be.Was it the ring of your dreams???

This has to be my favorite, yellow diamond engagement ring...I DIE

We all know Chrissy from Love and Hip hop. She got on 1 knee and proposed to her man Jim Jones. Not sure I would ever do that but hey,to each it's own. That relationship is even too unreal for me. She proposes after theyve been together that long, he feels he doesn't have to, his mother hates the crap outta her. I don't know if it would be worth it.

Or how about if you meet someone and they tell you i need you to marry me to help me stay in this country. If you don,t help, i have to go back This person is someone who can even change your future for the better, the person is attractive has a lot going for themselves and there is an actual attraction there. You know this person can help you, financially even.  And you would be helping this person a lot. In a way saving their life. What will you do with that type of proposal? If you ever watched The proposal with Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds which is a very similar situation. Movie spoiler, they ended up falling in love and actually got married to save her and keep her in the states while dating and getting to know each other. What do you think you would do in this situation?

Monday, December 12, 2011

OOTD Blues and Cognac

Hello guys, i know i haven't posted in a while, please forgive me. It's hard when u don't have a camera man available. So i'm usually always off n mondays and im very casual. This weekend my favorite shoe store Bakers  had a 30% off sale plus my 10% off B card. So i bought bought bought this weekend. Will do a haul when the stuff comes in since i online shopped. Today i wanted to be very casual so here is my outfit.


What i wore: Blazer-Calvin Kline thrifted/top-forever 21/Jeans-Charlotte Russe jeggings/Boots-BakersShoes

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Concert Night

So tonight me and the girls went to a concert by a Nigerian artist called Flavour. We had so much fun this night just hanging out listening to a Nigerian comic and dancing to his songs. Here are a few pics of what i wore that night. I have a couple more posts i will do, just been crazy busy with work and the holidays.

Clutch: Cache

Shoes: Bakers WP Emily wedge booties

 I wore very minimal accessories, just a large ring and earrings u cant see much. Anyway, what do you think of my outfit that night...TTYL

Bisous Loves

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

So i went thrifting and...Blazer Galore

Ever since i started blogging i have grown a love for thrifting. I love going in there and i swear i spend about 2 hrs in there sometimes and come out with 10 items that i end up spending only $35. So i'll make a long story short and show you some things i got while on my excursion.

1.This black blazer i just got. Calvin Klein got it for $4.98 perfect with jeans, white tank and maybe red pumps.

2. This flowery blazer is the best of vintage. Love the shoulder pads. This was $2.99

3.This blue blazer is my favorite. I think i can get so many uses out of it. A tad bit small and the button is lost but who cares...
 So I've got more blazers that i got for a steal like this hot pink one but i gotta run and get ready for work... chao Ladies. and make sure you follow me...

Splurge or Steal

Hey ladies you know when you see your favorite celeb in some hot shoes and your like OMG gotta have em,then you remember that your not ballin like them? Happens to me wayyyy too often.

Now I love,love love Giuseppe Zannoti's shoes but I cannot afford them.
Look at this Giuseppe Zannoti wedge which retails for $1,984.00

So a steal option would be this hot little mama from Bakers shoes.com. And while still a bit pricey, its still way cheaper and you can't really tell a difference

doesn't this almost look like the same shoe?

Ok so some of you might still think thats still a bit much so settle for this. It doesn't quite shine like the first 2 but it has the same design...This one goes for $39.90 @ www.urbanog.com

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

My winter shoe wish-list

So i do a bit of online shopping. Well actually a lot of online shopping and 1 of my favorite sites is karmaloop.com. You can buy everything from shoes, dresses, men's clothing to lingerie. Well today im going to show you my winter shoe wish-list. I'm a shoe freak and i get so excited when i purchase a new pair. It gets hard sometimes though because i always want my stuff right now right now so i always spring for the extra $25 or $30 bucks to get it overnight or 2 day shipping. But be careful when shopping online, you may have to search more than one site for the same shoe to get the best price. So here's my list....

1.Jeffrey Campbell Night walk-$170 
2.The delilah shoe Senso Diffusion in black pony-$276
3.The Wade boot in Grey in grey-$130
4.The delilah shoe Senso Diffusion in aztec-$250
5.The delilah shoe Senso Diffusion in pink pony-$276
6.United Nude The Scuba Over the knee boot in Leopard Pony hair-$312.00
7.Sole Boutique Sur Fer in Red- $65
8.Sam Edelman the Adena Flat in rose gold-$150
9.Vans glitter Dots Black-$37.95
10.The JC'S love them so much i put it in there twice.....0_o

So what do you think?????

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Make sure you guys are checking out my closet. It ranges from my own personal style which comes from every store online and at dept stores, and also i have some thrifted items. I will soon be doing a video about my thrifted items and my lucky finds.


My style icon...KING BEY

Beyonce Beyonce Beyonce, what can i say about her. She can sing,dance and has one of the most down to earth attitudes. She tried acting and well acting is not easy, so with that i give her an A for effort. Her style is effortless and seducing. When she wears something u can't help but try to recreate the look. Lets take a look at King Bey from where it all started til now....

When there was a DC

This is where her style starts to elevate

This leather skinny pants are the business

This gown is to die for luxurious couture

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Out at the Lake

So in Dallas its a nice warm 70 degrees. How i love my state of Texas. While some of you all in the East and up north and getting snow, ice and minus degree weather, were enjoying the sun still. My friend and I took her daughter up to the lake to drink up some sun and take a walk. Now this wasn't my initial plan for the day and i was a bit dressed up with my shoes, but i'm glad i wore the shoes I did. Here are a few shots to show what i wore today...Oh yea, please excuse the pic quality, will be getting a new camera so u shall have the best quality u deserve......

Dress:Old Navy-got it in the clearance for $10.49 total steal

Quite windy out there

Wore my Jeffrey Campbells out, love these shoes

Talking while taking the pic, oops

I was very scared about falling, lol

Now i got into my pose(Diva pose)

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Heard a joke, was too funny