Wednesday, November 16, 2011

So i went thrifting and...Blazer Galore

Ever since i started blogging i have grown a love for thrifting. I love going in there and i swear i spend about 2 hrs in there sometimes and come out with 10 items that i end up spending only $35. So i'll make a long story short and show you some things i got while on my excursion.

1.This black blazer i just got. Calvin Klein got it for $4.98 perfect with jeans, white tank and maybe red pumps.

2. This flowery blazer is the best of vintage. Love the shoulder pads. This was $2.99

3.This blue blazer is my favorite. I think i can get so many uses out of it. A tad bit small and the button is lost but who cares...
 So I've got more blazers that i got for a steal like this hot pink one but i gotta run and get ready for work... chao Ladies. and make sure you follow me...

1 comment:

  1. You KNOW how I feel about blazers hunni!!!!! My faves are the blue and the floral!! Best thing about one will have ur outfit on lollll