Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Ring

Hi guys,today I have a different post not about fashion. My post today is about Engagements. I always envisioned that I would meet this really great guy,date at least for 6 months to a yr or 2 and on one magical evening,he would call up my family and friends and propose to me down on 1 knee with the most exquisite engagement ring from Jared's or Warner's bros engagement store. And we will have a big traditional 3 day wedding (we Africans go hard at weddings). But it's looking as though that is not the way my life is going. Far from that direction even. So I ask you, what are your thoughts on the type of engagement you want or have had. Was it all you imagined or how do u imagine it to be.Was it the ring of your dreams???

This has to be my favorite, yellow diamond engagement ring...I DIE

We all know Chrissy from Love and Hip hop. She got on 1 knee and proposed to her man Jim Jones. Not sure I would ever do that but hey,to each it's own. That relationship is even too unreal for me. She proposes after theyve been together that long, he feels he doesn't have to, his mother hates the crap outta her. I don't know if it would be worth it.

Or how about if you meet someone and they tell you i need you to marry me to help me stay in this country. If you don,t help, i have to go back This person is someone who can even change your future for the better, the person is attractive has a lot going for themselves and there is an actual attraction there. You know this person can help you, financially even.  And you would be helping this person a lot. In a way saving their life. What will you do with that type of proposal? If you ever watched The proposal with Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds which is a very similar situation. Movie spoiler, they ended up falling in love and actually got married to save her and keep her in the states while dating and getting to know each other. What do you think you would do in this situation?


  1. I have turned down 2 marriage proposals (one guy I didn't want to marry b/c he already had 2 children and our religious views differed and the other guy simply proposed after less than a year of dating and I was NOT ready I was still in college having fun).........I do however want to marry the guy I'm dating now and I hope he proposes sometime in the next year or 2 :) I like princess cut rings I my dream ring would be 4 carats but 2 would suffice :) I would be afraid to marry a guy so he could get his green card...he would have to sign a pre-nup lolll

  2. Well as you know, I met my husband a month after countless phone conversations in Miami as we were meeting for the first time on a cruise he treated me on.6 months later we got married. Everyone of course thought i was crazy and hadn't known him that long but this is a decision i knew that i was ready for no matter what anybody thought. I knew his family, and he was a gentleman and treated me like a queen. there was definitely something special about him and i couldn't let my blessing pass me by. I have absolutely no regrets about it. At first i thought it was too good to be true, but now i know that nothing is ever too good to be true cuz too good can be true! I'm living proof!!!