Saturday, December 17, 2011

Sneak Preview

So i'm so excited about what i just got in the mail. Its my Criss cross cut out teal dress AKA the Emily B dress. So the dress looks so awesome in person and i thought it wouldn't fit since its a size 10 and its European. But to my surprise it fit awesome. Now im gonna show 1 little pic i took this morning while trying it on and although i think it looks good already, i think if i lost 10 lbs, i will rock this dress out. So tell me what you think.

Currently looking for the healthiest fastest way to drop a quick 10lbs,can u help a sista out??? Gimme ur tips.....


  1. I think it looks hot!!!!! You can look 2 pounds a week the healthy way so you can def lose ten pounds in a month!!

  2. I'm trying this diet,but it aint working out,gots to be more disciplined

  3. you look fine...that dress is hott...loves emily b