Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Shoe Haul

Hey guys, this weekend was good, glad it's over cuz it means we're closer to the holidays. Yaaaayyyyy... So big big sale at my fav shoe store Bakers. Got 3 pairs of shoes,plus my cognac boots seen in this post. I am such a shoe whore. Can't wait to do a post with my new babies,but I've got pics...wanna see em here it goes.

They looked like Giuseppe Zannottis, and they are Monsters for real. "Gots to be mo careful" with these on

I know i know, i bought the same shoe in 2 diff colors, dats how much i was feeling these bad boys

Some Super Duper extra large earrings to go. and only $9.99 with 50% off

Do i have a favorite pair, i don't think so yet, i love em all just the same. What do u think of my new additions???


  1. I want them allllllllll but the leopard boots!!!!! YES GAWD!!!!!!

  2. Aren't they just calling ur name though?

  3. Thanks Shawn...cant wait to do a post on them

  4. Did you leave any cute shoes for anyone else???? LOL All of these are BAF (Bad As Fux) I wouldnt be able to choose a favorite either! Hmmp!